Order Status

When processing an order, the store manager can assign different statuses to the order so they know how much of it has been completed. For example, a new order might have the Not Handled status. As the manager begins to process the order, they might change the status to In Process. When the order is complete, the manager can change the status to Handled.

The store manager can designate which status is applied to new orders, modify existing statuses or add others. By default, Not Handled is the status for new orders.

Edit statuses:

  1. Go to onMessage.

  2. Go to Settings and select Store.

  3. Select Status.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. Order statuses can be customized through the following options:

    • Sort Order: Enter the order in which the statuses should be listed. If no sort order is specified, the statuses will be listed alphabetically.

    • Status: Enter the name of the status (for example, Not Handled, In Process, Handled, etc.).

    • Default: Select which status should be the default status. The default status is automatically applied to new orders.

    • Delete: Use this option to remove a status.

  6. Use Add Status to enter additional statuses.

  7. Once finished, select Save & Exit.