Product Categories

Store managers must create categories before adding products to the store. Categories are used to organize the products. Examples of categories are: Gift Items, Clothing, School Supplies, etc.

Edit categories:

  1. Go to onMessage.

  2. Next, go to Settings and then select Store.

  3. Select Categories > Edit.

  4. Use the following fields to customize the categories.

    • Sort Order: Enter the order in which the categories should be listed. If no sort order is specified, the categories will be listed alphabetically.

    • Category: Enter the category name (for example, Gift Items).

    • Publish to Store: Select this option if the category and its products should be available in the store for customers to view.

    • Inactive: Check this option if the category is no longer in use. Products cannot be added to inactive categories by default.

    • Delete: Use this option to remove the category completely. Only categories that have not been used can be deleted. If a category has been used, unpublish it and then mark it as inactive if it should no longer appear in the store.

  5. Select Add Category to add additional categories.

  6. When finished, select Save & Exit.

From Categories, the # of Products column displays the number of products associated with each category. Select the number to view the product details.