Product Logos

Store managers can add logos and associate them with products. When a customer purchases a product (a sweatshirt, for example), they can select which logo they would like on the sweatshirt (the mascot, the school seal, etc.). Product logos are organized in categories.

While product logos are not required, the alternative is to add each product individually. For example, Sweatshirt with Mascot would be one product, and Sweatshirt with School Seal would be an entirely separate product.

Create logo categories and product logos:

  1. Go to onMessage, Settings and then Store.

  2. Select Product Logos then Add.

  3. Enter the following information for the logo category:

    • Sort Order: Enter the order in which the categories should be listed. If no sort order is specified, the categories will be listed alphabetically.

    • Logo Category: Enter the name of the category (for example, School Mascots).

    • Number of Logos: Select the number of logos that you would like to associate with this category. Five logos can be added initially; additional logos can be added upon editing the category.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Enter the following information for the product logos:

    • Logo Name: Enter the name of the logo (for example, Blue Mascot or Large School Seal).

    • Logo: Browse for an image of the logo. The max dimension is 70 x 70 px.

  6. Select Save & Exit.

When Editis selected, all of the category or logo fields will be updated, and additional logos are added to the category.