Pages & Content

This page allows users to customize certain elements on website pages, from enabling page title prefix values, what order page tools appear in, and which users have access to edit certain pages on the site. These settings can be found by going to onMessage > Settings > Pages & Content.

Note: Page Tools and Page Title Settings are only for maintaining an old Podium front end website. For non-Podium schools, page titles can be set through Site Settings. As a replacement for Page tools, it is recommended to use an embed widget and using for social sharing.

Content Editor Access

From Content Editor Access, platform managers can grant certain roles to have edit access to specific pages on the site.

Page Tools

From here, users can customize the location and appearance of Page Tools, Print, Email, and Share icons. Options include the order in which they appear, the location on the page, and the design and appearance of the icons. Further options include details for the Email and Share tools.

Page Title Settings

Users are able to enable prefixes for pages that use a custom title as well as pages that don't use custom titles. To enable an prefix, simply select the checkbox and then add in the prefix through the accompanying text field.

Note: Prefixes can not exceed 100 characters.