Website Redirects

Redirects allow websites to take a URL that a user enters and automatically open a new page with a different URL. This practice is mainly performed to prevent the possibility of broken links and also the use of shortened or user friendly URLs.

To add a new Website Redirect, first navigate to onMessage > Settings > Website Redirects

  1. Select the + Add Redirect button to make a modal window appear.

  2. The first thing to do is to add the original URL that people will be coming from. This is known as From/Known As URL. This must include a domain that is hosted on Blackbaud servers.

  3. Next, select where the redirect should go.

    1. The user can select an existing page on any of the currently created websites using the dropdown field.

    2. If the URL should go to an external site, the second option allows a full URL to be entered instead.

  4. The last option from this modal window allows the user to set if this redirect is active or inactive.

  5. To save the changes, select Save or Save and Add Another.

Bulk Actions

From the Website Redirect page, users can perform certain bulk actions such as either activating or deactivating all listed redirects when Bulk Actions is selected.