System Notifications

Notifications are automated messages that confirm changes or alert constituents of updates. For example, with Giving, donors can receive an e-mail that confirms that their gift was submitted, and administrators can receive an e-mail alerting them that a gift needs processing.

This tutorial outlines the basic steps for editing notifications. Information about individual notifications can be found on the respective application notification pages.

Manage notifications as a Platform Manager:

  1. From the persona menu, select onMessage.

  2. Select CommunicationsNotification, then Notifications.

  3. Choose the notification category you wish to edit from Category and then select View.

  4. Select Edit next to the notification you wish to edit.

  5. Use the following fields to customize the notification.

  6. Select Save & Exit when finished.

Notification Properties

  • Name
    Use this option to change the name of the notification.

  • Active
    Disable the Active option if you do not want the notification send.

E-mail Notification

  • Reply E-mail
    Enter one e-mail address users can respond to from the notification.

  • From Name
    Enter a name that users will receive the e-mail from..

  • Placeholders
    Use the placeholders to craft the body of the notification.

  • Subject
    Use this field to enter the subject of the notification.

  • Body
    Use the placeholders to craft the e-mail.

Add Recipient(s)

These fields will only appear for the Administration notifications. Use the available fields to search for the user(s) who should be notified when further action is needed. Highlight the user's name and select Add to recipient list.

Note: Placeholders are used to display content that is specific to each user or situation (for example, the "[name]" placeholder will personalize the e-mail with the recipient's name). Each notification has its own unique set of placeholders. Edit the notification to view the available placeholders.