To see an entire list of changes made by users to the website, the Log should be the first place to visit. In addition to being able to view the title of the item being modified, the type of content item and the action state the item is currently in, administrators are also able to see when certain changes were made with a time stamp that includes the date and exact time that the file was modified. In addition, the last user to make changes to each item is also stored here.

Administrators have access to a number of filters which include a date range and an area filter to help narrow down the list of changes and modifications. A search bar is also available if you'd rather manually find an item.

Potential Action Types

  • Pending - Changes have been made and need to be applied

  • Published - Item is live and accessible.

  • Applied Changed - Edited items have recently been applied.

  • Edited - Items have been modified.

  • Added - Item has been created.

  • Canceled Changes - Edited items have been reverted back.

  • Deleted - The Item has been removed.

Note: Logs are only available to page manager roles and are not accessible for regular users.