Get Started With Websites

Website creation is one of the bigger features within onMessage, which lets you quickly create a functional and personalized site from scratch thanks to a large variety of features and tools. Once you have access to the product, you can start the creation process through

Once in onMessage, select Create New under Website. You'll then be asked for basic website information:

  • Site Name

  • Staging URL

  • Site Status - Determines what state your site will be in:

    • Live - Site is publicly accessible.

    • Staging - Accessible through the URL but won't be picked up by crawlers or search engines.

    • Offline - Only available once logged into onMessage.

Note: When a website is first created, the staging URL is automatically created for you and cannot be edited manually. The site name that you enter is then autopopulated into the Staging URL.

In addition, a micro site, also known as a mini site, can be created which provides another location for your users to go for additional information not found within your main site. These mini sites can be utilized for various topics and themes like summer school details, extracurricular activities, or created to be event specific.

The creation process is exactly the same as it is when you create a new site in onMessage, though you can add existing styles and master layouts through the Import process.

Editors or platform managers who'd like to see what the website looks like while it is still in development can use View Site. This view represents a WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get style view, where logged in users with access are able to view the website as it is currently created. Pages can be visited and edited without the requirement to go back or exit out completely thanks to the option to edit the page, style, or page settings.

Additional best practices and tips for commonly asked questions with websites can be found here.