Academic Profile

The Academic Profile provides one central location in which schools can manage all aspects of a student's enrollments and performance.

Users withonRecord manager roles can access the Academic Profile:

  1. Navigate to onRecord.

  2. Search for students using People Finder.

At the top of the Academic Profile, managers can enter a customizable note for the student (text can be entered using inline editing).

On the right-hand side of the Academic Profile, managers can:

Course Requests

From Course Requests, managers can:

  • Approve or deny the student’s requested/recommended/required courses and activities

  • View and add notes for each course/activity

  • Change the sort order of courses, activities, and alternates using drag and drop

  • Remove courses, activities, and alternates (if they are not required)

  • View the total number of course/activity credits

Select Manage to :

  • Request, require, and recommend additional courses, activities, and alternates for the student.

  • Students will not be able to see courses that Require Recommendation if they have not been issued a recommendation by a faculty member.

  • Students who do not meet prerequisites assigned to courses will not be able to enroll. An exception screen will display the specifics regarding why a student is ineligible to enroll.

Note: The exception window will only display if Lacks Prerequisite is set to Show message.