Approve Official Notes

Depending on the settings established in official notes types, an official note may require approval by a Official Notes Manager or Monitoring Team Member. This tutorial covers how to approve official notes.

To approve official notes:

  1. From the persona menu, select onRecord.

  2. On the dashboard you will see the number of official notes to review. Select the link that says Official Notes.

  3. Use the filter options to find the official notes you want to approve and select View to update the screen.

  4. Click the headers to sort the list.

  5. Select View next to a comment to read it.

  6. Edit the comment text or users who will be able to view the comment.

  7. Once completed, change the radio button to Approve.

  8. To print the individual comment, select the PDF icon above the e-mail button. Once report opens in new window, select the printer icon to print.

  9. Select E-mail if you want to e-mail the comment.

  10. Review the confirmation screen and select Send & Next.

  11. If you do not wish to e-mail the comment, select Save & Exit instead of selecting E-mail.