Approve & Deny Infractions

Conduct managers can approve or deny infractions, and the consequences or comments associated with them.

Any changes made save automatically.

  1. Navigate to onRecord.

  2. On the Dashboard, select Infractions.

    Note: Managers can also select Approval and Conduct.

  3. Use the Review infractions filter options to search for students.

  4. Select the name of a student to view infraction details.

  5. Review the student's Behavior history and Attendance to help make decisions.

  6. Attendance entries will appear under Review infraction if an infraction is issued due to accumulated tardy or unexcused attendance records. Attendance entries will only appear for schools that utilize Attendance rules for imposing infractions.

  7. Edit information as needed.

    • Add or delete Consequences

    • View or edit the infraction Description

    • Add any internal Confidential comments or Additional notes

    • Review the infraction Points or Location

    • Update Access if necessary

  8. Select Approve, Assign, and Send to approve the infraction and consequence(s).

    • Choose Delete infraction to delete the infraction entirely.

    • Choose Deny infraction to deny the infraction, but save the record in the system.

    • Choose Keep as pending to keep the infraction as pending.