Attendance Rules for Conduct

Conduct managers can create attendance rules to tie tardies and absences to consequences. Rules are tied to specific school levels and group types. Attendance types and Infractions must be created before adding translation rules.

Attendance managers determine if attendance is recorded per period or per day. While a student can always be marked as absent for partial or multiple days, this setting determines the number of absences in the system, referred to as an Attendance of Record. In Conduct, Attendance Rules look at Attendance of Record totals.


If attendance is recorded per period, the system creates a record every time a student is marked as absent or tardy. With this method, Attendance of Record totals are based on how many sections the student has missed.

If attendance is recorded per day, the school chooses specific classes or meeting times when a daily attendance is taken. If the student is present for this section, and is marked as absent later in the day, this absence may not reflect in Conduct. With this method, Attendance of Record totals are based on whether or not the student was absent or tardy when the daily attendance was recorded.

The Attendance of Record totals are what cause Conduct Consequences to be issued.

Note: A student's Attendance of Record history can be viewed from the Academic Profile by selecting Attendance.

To get started:

  1. Navigate to onRecord.

  2. Choose Settings and Conduct.

  3. Select Attendance Rules.

  4. Choose the appropriate school level via Show settings for.

  5. Select the edit button