Schools can use Conduct to record and track behavioral infractions, and tie them to consequences such as detentions or verbal warnings. Consequences can also be tied to absences and tardies, and thresholds can be created to trigger a consequence after a certain number of infractions.

Schools can enable teachers, coaches, non-teaching staff, advisors, activity leaders, and dorm supervisors to enter infractions. Once set up is complete, conduct managers and faculty can record infractions for students, and managers can approve or deny infractions and consequences. Schools can also enable email notifications per infraction.

Tip: Click here to watch the Conduct Overview video.

To get started:

  1. Navigate to onRecord.

  2. Choose Settings and Conduct.

  3. You will land on Infractions.

Note: Select Restrict faculty to only their conduct if teachers and staff should only be able to view infractions and consequences they have reported. If unselected, teachers will see the Infractions reported today counter that displays on FacultyMy DaySchedule and Performance under Conduct. Clicking the counter will give them access to view, but not edit, all infractions recorded for that day.