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Excuse Types

Attendance types are used to distinguish a student's attendance status. There are three main attendance types that are available in onRecord by default:

  • Unexcused

  • Excused

  • Attended Class

Within the excused and unexcused attendance types, attendance managers can enter multiple excuse types. Excuse types are detailed reasons why a student did not attend class (sick, field trip, family emergency, tardy, etc.). Each school can customize the excuse types and make certain ones available to teachers.

To add an attendance and excuse types:

  1. From the persona menu, select onRecord.

  2. Choose Settings and Attendance.

  3. Select Add Category and enter the following information:

    • Category
      Name of the overall category, i.e. ‘Tardy’ - this is used in select reports.

    • Status
      Mark the category as Active or Inactive

    • Attendance Reason(s)
      The different excuse types, i.e. Late to Class Unexcused, Late to Class Excused.

    • Type
      Indicate if the reason is an Absence, Tardy, or the student was Present.

  4. Enter the following for each Reason:

    • Sort Order
      The sort order will determine where each reason displays on the Attendance Types page and also within the dropdown listbox that teachers and managers have access to when recording attendance.

    • Reason
      Name for the excuse, i.e. Field Trip; Sports Game; Ill; etc.

    • Status
      Mark the Reason as Active or Inactive

    • Faculty Access
      Select if you would like teachers to be able to select this as an excuse for a student. If this excuse is something only the Attendance Manager will use, leave the box unchecked. If allowed to modify attendance, and Faculty Access is set to No, teachers will be unable to change a student that has already been marked with the reason.

    • Excused/Unexcused
      Choose the excuse type (Excused or Unexcused) - this is used in select reports and on report cards.

    • Delete
      Use to delete any unused reason.

  5. Select Save & Close.