Grading Rollover

Grading Managers and Platform Managers can rollover grade plans and formulas, report cards, academic performances, and grade averages.

Warning: In order to rollover grade plan formulas that use grade book grades, the grade book rollover must be completed firstand marking periods must be rolled over. Marking period dates can be adjusted after they are rolled over.

After the rollover, these items will need to be updated and grades for the upcoming school year selected to display. The school levels and applications are rolled over separately.

Note: The Grading Rollover can not be performed once grade plans have been added for the To year. Delete grade plans (if grades have not yet been recorded), then run rollover.

To complete the grading rollover:

  1. From the persona menu, select Core.

  2. Choose School and Master Rollover.

  3. Choose the year From which you are copying the data, and then choose the year To which you are adding the data.

  4. Select View.

  5. Under Grading, select Run next to the appropriate school level.

  6. Check Grading.

  7. Select Next.

  8. Review the items that are included in the rollover.

  9. Select Save & Exit.