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Official Note (Comment) Types

Official Note (Comment) Types are broad categories used to group official notes together. Some examples of official note types that schools use are: Academic Highlight, Advisor Comments, and Positive Notes.

To add a new official note (Comment) type:

  1. From the persona menu, select onRecord.

  2. Choose Settings and Comments.

  3. You will land on Comment Types.

  4. SelectAdd Comment Type and enter the following information:

    • Sort order
      Order in which the official note type will appear in the list of official notes when a new official note is recorded.

    • Description
      Name of Official Note Type ex. MS Praise.

    • Approval required checkbox
      Check if official note must be approved by the Comment Manager or Monitoring Team Member prior to posting live to the site.

    • No approval required
      Check if no approval is required; additionally, these options appear for email notification of the official notes.

      • E-mail from: Approval worklist
        Use this option if the Comments Manager or Monitoring Team Member is responsible for sending the email notification from the approval worklist.

      • E-mail from:Comment
        Use this option if the author can choose to send an e-mail when saving the official notes.

    • Mark as inactive
      Use to inactivate the comment type so it can no longer be used to record new official notes.

    • Display only Current Year
      Use this option to display only the current year's official notes to users other than the original author and Comments Manager.

    • Access Group Settings:
      Access groups control who has access to see the official notes online. 

      • Advisor - The student's advisor(s)

      • All School Teacher - All Teachers at the school, regardless of whether the student is enrolled in their class

      • Coach - The student's coach(es)

      • Dorm Supervisor - The student's dorm supervisor(s)

      • Teacher - Only those teachers that currently have the student enrolled in their class

      • Parent - The parent(s) for that student (parent relationship)

      • Student - The student for whom the comment was written
        There are 3 options for giving access to these groups: 

        • Display: Access group will be shown to official note author when recording an official note.

        • Required: Official notes can be viewed by this access group. If the group is not required but is displayed, the author can choose to share the official note with the group.

        • E-mail: Anyone in the access group will receive an e-mail notification for any official notes.

  5. Select Save & Exit.