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Recommend/Require Courses

Online signup managers can recommend and require courses and activities for students in bulk. For example, if an entire grade or group of students needs to take the same course, managers can recommend/require the course for all of the students at once.

Managers can recommend and require courses and activities for an individual student in the student’s Academic Profile.

Note: Courses that have Requires Recommendation enabled are only visible to students after they have received a recommendation from a faculty member.

To recommend and require courses and activities:

  1. From the persona menu, choose onRecord.

  2. Select Procedures> Schedule Maker.

  3. Locate the Course Requests tile; select More actions > Enter Requests.

  4. Enter the appropriate Year and School. These filters will impact the courses and students available for selection.

  5. Select the Type:

  6. Type in a Course; select the corresponding course from the results.

    Select a Status (if applicable). If Pending, a Course Request or Required course must be approved by a Manager or Adviser.

  7. Optional: Select Add another request to add another Course Request, Required course, or Recommendation to be applied to the selection of students

  8. Select Next.

  9. Select Add students and choose from the available options:

  10. Optional: Deselect certain students from receiving a course request or recommendation by clicking on the blue checkbox adjacent to their name.

  11. Select Add requests/recommendations to finalize the process.