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Schedule Maker

Before the academic year begins, schedule managers can create schedules, handle course requests, and resolve schedule conflicts for current and future students.

  • Course Requests must be finalized in order to generate student schedules. While it helps with placement of the classes, course requests do not need to be finalized when generating the master schedule.

  • Only block schedule sets can be used by Schedule Maker when creating schedules - random schedules are not supported.

  • Schedule Maker is only available for academic courses.

Note: See Schedule Maker for a list of requirements.

When you're ready to start to scheduling:

  1. Navigate to onRecord.

  2. Select Procedures.

  3. Choose Schedule Maker.

Note: Before parents and students see classes scheduled for a particular schedule set, they first need to be granted access. Schedule managers can enter a date in Access Dates from the Schedule set options.