Generate Usernames in Bulk

To quickly create usernames for multiple student or candidate users, an admissions manager can generate them in bulk.

  1. From Enrollment management, select Admissions, Admissions management, and then Overview.

  2. Select Generate user names.

  3. Search the database for people who need usernames.

    1. Select a role for the new users.

      Note: If a role does not appear in the menu, you can't create usernames in bulk for that role.

    2. Select an Entering Year.

    3. Select an Entering Grade.

    4. Select a Status.

    5. Select a School Decision.

  4. From the list of available users, choose people who need usernames and select Add User(s) and then Next.

    Note: People who already have usernames do not appear under Available Users.

  5. Select a format for the usernames then Next.

  6. Review the usernames and edit them as needed.

  7. Select Next.

  8. Compose an email to inform users about their new usernames. Use placeholders to merge personal information, such as [first name], into the email.

    Warning: If a platform manager previously uploaded temporary passwords in bulk (based on user IDs), you could add information about the temporary password to the email notification. For example, you might write" Your temporary password is SchoolName2016. You will be prompted to create a new permanent password when you log in." However, because email is not a secure method of communication, we do not recommend you include passwords (even temporary ones) in emails.

  9. Review the list of users who will receive the email.

  10. Then, review the list of users who have invalid email settings.

    Note: Remember to contact these users separately to inform about their new usernames.

  11. Select Save & Send. Users will receive a notification informing them of their usernames. Users without passwords will be prompted to complete the automated sign up process.