Learning Tools

Learning Tools Interoperability, or LTI as it's commonly known, allows schools to establish a standard way of integrating third party based learning applications. These learning applications are known as Tools which are provided by Tool Providers.

Platform managers can view and add a sortable list of available LTI providers by going to Core , Settings , Integration settings. Select Learning tools from the list to get started. Tools can be selected as well which will display a list of where it is currently being used. The list will be sorted first by school year, followed by the type of placement, and finally by Section, Assignment, or Topic.

Currently, LTI tool content types are limited to Academic Groups only. LTI is also an SSO integration so users who are impersonating someone else will not be able to launch a third party tool like TurnItIn. This is to prevent the possibility of bad data being entered into the system.

For more information on LTI, make sure to check out our video guide.