Assessment Skills

Assessment Skills are qualitative phrases that describe a measurement of student performance. Assessment Skills are what Assessment Grade Plans rely on to determine what skills are associated with courses.

The Assessment Skill list contains all Assessment Skills across all Grade Plan Groups; Assessment Skills are reusable, and each instance of an Assessment Skill is represented in the Grade Plan Group column. The Type column is populated based on the Group that the Assessment Skill is added to within a Grade Plan.


To create an Assessment Skill:

  1. From the persona menu, select Academics.

  2. Select Grades then select Grading Setup.

  3. Choose Assessment Skills.

  4. Select the plus button to create a new skill

  5. Type in a Description (ex. 'counting by fours', 'shares with others', 'contributes to class discussions')

  6. Select Active as the Status

  7. Select Save & Close

  8. OptionalSelect Save & Add Another and repeat steps 1-4

The Assessment Skill is now available to be added to an Assessment Grade Plan within School Year Setup.