Hot Fix - March 29, 2017

Below are the bugs we have fixed and the usability adjustments we have made as part of the weekly hot fix for the “ON” products. Ticket numbers are listed for the hot fix items that were reported by schools. Thank you for reporting these issues so we can continue to improve our user experience.


  • 1173: Previously, some parts of the user interface from Core or “bridge” tasks did not load when users tried to access them using Internet Explorer 11. The pages loaded fine from other internet browsers. The affected pages are now updated and compatible with Internet Explorer 11.


  • When a site manager views Google Analytics, the school’s home page is now treated as HTTPS for SSL Certification. You do not need to make any changes for your site to appear correctly in Google Analytics results. Likewise, URLs for Sitemaps now use HTTPS too.


  • 152859: Previously, course requests that had gone over the maximum signup limit continued to be saved. This is fixed.

  • 154866: Advisors are no longer able to remove required course requests from the advisor view.

  • 155986: Previously, a timeout error prevented the Course Requests page from loading successfully. This is fixed.

  • 156475: Recently, student Course Requests appeared in different semesters when viewed by a student and advisor. This is fixed.

  • We fixed a number of issues with the Courses - Number of Requests and Enrollments report.

    • Recently, the report displayed previous or already graduated students, which caused inaccurate data totals. This is fixed.

    • 157596: Recently, a timeout error message appeared for schools that tried to run the report. This is fixed.

    • 159343: The report no longer includes recommendations too.

Note: On August 31, 2017, Blackbaud will discontinue support for Podium front-end websites. Podium was developed 15 years ago and there are less than 50 schools remaining. Schools currently using Podium for their front-end websites have an opportunity to redesign with onMessage® and take advantage of the Podium to onMessage 20% off redesign promotion. Contact your Account Manager to schedule a free consultation with a K-12 Designer.