Hot Fix - May 24, 2017

Below are the bugs we have fixed and the usability adjustments we have made as part of the weekly hot fix for the “ON” products. Ticket numbers are listed for the hot fix items that were reported by schools. Thank you for reporting these issues so we can continue to improve our user experience.

Tip: Training Resources content moved to a new site.

The old K-12 products’ Training Resources site is no longer available. Most content from this site now lives on the “ON” products How-to page.

You can also access this page from the “ON” application by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name and selecting Training Resources.

Open the K-12 101 page to access training modules for each “ON” product, in addition to customizable guides you can download and edit, creating internal documentation specific to your organization. The site also includes the Annual Procedures page, which details tasks needed to successfully close out a school year and prepare for the upcoming year.


  • The early adopter program for the SKY “look and feel” is in progress. All schools will receive this update as part of the general availability release on June 28, 2017. We encourage you to consider customizing the following information to best fit the specific communication needs of your school’s ‘ON’ users. For example, you might edit content and copy it into newsletters, message boards, and other communications.

    If you are interested in participating in the EAP, please complete this request form.


  • 156183: Previously, candidates who were assigned a checklist but did not have a current candidate status were incorrectly flagged as needing a checklist. This issue is fixed and these candidates will no longer be counted as needing a checklist.

  • 156821: An error prevented non-Smart Tuition onBoard contracts from processing. This is fixed.

  • 161249: As long as user applications have a different origin, Duplicate User Merge now allows duplicate users to be merged when both users have an Standard Application Online and an onBoard Application attached to their file.


  • 167021: Recently, a error related to Marking Periods prevented teachers from editing an assignment in the Grade Book. This is fixed.


  • When grading managers set up grades, they can now mark multiple skills inactive as they clean up the table entries for Assessment Skills. To do so, select Mark multiple inactive and then choose Any not in the current year or future years, Any not used in future years, or Specific years.

  • Recently, Generate Master Schedule would assign one section with a Random block. This issue is fixed.

  • Recently, when student schedules were cleared based on specific students or a list of specific students, all student schedules were cleared instead of the designated ones. This is fixed.

Note: On August 31, 2017, Blackbaud will discontinue support for Podium front-end websites. Podium was developed 15 years ago and there are less than 50 schools remaining. Schools currently using Podium for their front-end websites have an opportunity to redesign with onMessage® and take advantage of the Podium to onMessage 20% off redesign promotion. Contact your Account Manager to schedule a free consultation with a K-12 Designer.