Hot Fixes - December 12, 2018


Below are the bugs we have fixed and the usability adjustments we have made as part of the weekly hot fix for the 'ON' products.

Thank you for reporting these issues so we can continue to improve our user experience.

Online help and more

  • You've probably noticed the new top navigation experience throughout Blackbaud's K-12 'ON' solutions. For tips and tricks finding your way around, check out this user community blog post.


Academics enables you to manage schedules, conduct, review student information, and share resources, assignments, and grades with students and parents.

8 Update(s)


Core includes system tools, user management, and overall configuration settings for powering the other areas of the 'ON' products.

1 Update(s)

Enrollment management

Enrollment Management enables you to manage the admissions process, including contract creation, school forms, events, financial aid awards, and more.

0 Update(s)


Extracurricular enables you to create, analyze, and manage athletics rosters, community groups, and schedule activities.

0 Update(s)

School website

School Website enables you to produce a dynamic, updated website to communicate to parents, students, and prospects.

0 Update(s)

Smart Tuition

Smart Tuition enables you to easily manage tuition, fees, and payments, and provides parents with online access to view and pay balances.

21 Update(s)

API / Integrations

Integrations can extend the default functionality of 'ON' products by connecting them with other Blackbaud products and 3rd party partners.

0 Update(s)