Release Notes 12.07 - June 28, 2017

Release 12.07 includes several enhancements to Core, onCampus, and onRecord. As always, thank you for all of the fantastic feedback that helps shape these releases!




Tip: Training Resources content moved to a new site.

The old K-12 products’ Training Resources site is no longer available. Most content from this site now lives on the “ON” Products How-to page.

You can also access this page from the “ON” application by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name and selecting Training Resources.

Open the K-12 101 page to access training modules for each “ON” product, in addition to customizable guides you can download and edit, creating internal documentation specific to your organization. The site also includes the Annual Procedures page, which details tasks needed to successfully close out a school year and prepare for the upcoming year.