Hot Fix - July 26, 2017

Below are the bugs we have fixed and the usability adjustments we have made as part of the weekly hot fix for the “ON” products. Ticket numbers are listed for the hot fix items that were reported by schools. Thank you for reporting these issues so we can continue to improve our user experience.

Tip: From any 'ON' product, a What's New topic automatically appears after a new monthly release, so you know what's what. When you close What's New it won't automatically reappear until the next update. To find What's new between monthly releases, use the Search in the help panel embedded in the 'ON' products. A platform manager can control who sees this help panel by enabling or disabling the Help Panel task for users and roles. When enabled for your user or role, the panel appears on "product persona" pages (such as Core), but does not currently appear on "role persona" pages (such as Faculty > My day).


  • We fixed a number of issues related to Videos.

    • An error specific to how videos rendered for the Internet Explorer 11 web browser is fixed. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari never experienced the error.

    • Previously, an error prevented some videos from playing when accessed from Recent Activity. However, the same videos still played from Resource Boards and other locations. This is fixed; the videos play from Recent Activity. This was released June 28.

    • Previously, an error prevented some video thumbnails from appearing. This was released June 28.

    • Users can now upload videos as files with MPEG or MPG file extensions. This was released July 5.

  • We’ve made a number of improvement to Photo and Video content.

    • Previously, an error prevented some photos from appearing as Featured Content. This fix was released July 5.

    • Previously, an error prevented some photos and videos from appearing as Archived Content. This was released July 5.

  • We also fixed a couple of issues for News.

    • Previously an error caused the Brief Descriptions of News items to overlap the thumbnails for these items. This was released July 19.

    • Previously, when a user selected to view More news from a recent activity feed, an error prevented the additional items from appearing. This is fixed.

  • We’ve made a number of improvements to how the Calendar handles events from an iCal feed.

    • Previously, if an Event Category was based on an iCal feed from a Google Calendar, and an event was removed from the Google Calendar, an error prevented the Core calendars from also removing the event. This is fixed and the Event Category refreshes deleted events quicker.

    • If an iCal feed appears to stop working, but the URL for the feed is correct, please try to Refresh it from within the ‘ON’ application as your first attempt to troubleshoot the error. This simple solution fixes some common issues.

  • We also fixed a couple of issues for Directories.

    • Previously, an error appeared when attempting to print a Family Directory. This is fixed.

    • Directory filter options are now aligned properly and display as expected.

    • Recently, mobile device users were unable to access any contact cards from the Directory. This is fixed.


  • Previously, after changes were made to Admissions Options, certain values under Custom Candidate Fields > Defined fields were removed. This is fixed.

  • Users printing a completed Smart Tuition or onBoard only contract now only see the selected Payment Plan displayed rather than all possible options.

  • Recently, some families were unable to create new accounts in onBoard. This is fixed.

  • Previously, managers were unable to view writing samples that were included with an application. This is fixed.


  • Recently, photo albums did not display when viewing Activities from a future school year. This is fixed.

  • Previously, an error caused Assignments due - by department or grade from running. This is fixed.

  • The Rubric description character limit has been removed.

  • Previously, an error appeared when managers attempted to remove incoming students from advisory group rosters. This is fixed.

  • When viewing a student's progress in the Gradebook, the background is now blacked out preventing other grades from being seen.


  • Course - Number of Requests and Enrollments reports displayed course requests for subsequent years.

  • Tied or linked courses that were associated with a course via the original course Scheduling tab inappropriately appeared as ‘should be taken with’ on Course Requests pages.

  • When viewing a student profile, changing the School Year drop-down and then viewing a student profile from a different year resulted in interface errors.

  • Entries in the School Year Setup > Grade Plan Groups drop-down did not display fully in the list. This has been resolved by shortening the affixed Assessment and Standard Group Type label to ‘A’ and ‘S’, respectively.

  • Teachers were unable to delete student Assessment Grade Plan comments.

Tip: Training Resources content moved to a new site.

The old K-12 products’ Training Resources site is no longer available. Most content from this site now lives on the “ON” products How-to page.

You can also access this page from the “ON” application by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name and selecting Training Resources.

Open the K-12 101 page to access training modules for each “ON” product, in addition to customizable guides you can download and edit, creating internal documentation specific to your organization. The site also includes the Annual Procedures page, which details tasks needed to successfully close out a school year and prepare for the upcoming year.

Note: On August 31, 2017, Blackbaud will discontinue support for Podium front-end websites. Podium was developed 15 years ago and there are less than 50 schools remaining. Schools currently using Podium for their front-end websites have an opportunity to redesign with onMessage® and take advantage of the Podium to onMessage 20% off redesign promotion. Contact your Account Manager to schedule a free consultation with a K-12 Designer.