Generate and Send eReceipts

Note: You cannot receipt the following transaction types: pledges, split/upgraded pledges, disbursements, recurring gift schedules, and soft credits.

You can automatically generate a receipt number to include on communication templates. In eTapestry, when you include receipt information as a part of your communication templates, you are creating an "eReceipt" by definition. You can print or email eReceipts to recipients.

When you set up templates for eReceipts, you need to include the following data merge tags from the journal fields category.

  • Generated Receipt Number - Shows the receipt number that eTapestry generates for each transaction. If you select to void receipts, the voided receipt number is used. If you replace receipts, the new receipt number is used.

  • Generated Voided Receipt Number - Shows the voided receipt number for each transaction. This is required for templates used to replace receipt numbers.

For each field, add text to the template to label the data merge tag, so the recipient can understand what the number indicates.

After you complete the design for a communication template for eReceipts, use the template to generate, void, and replace receipts for multiple transactions and accounts based on a query, a single transaction, or for online transactions.

When generating eReceipts for a query of transactions, you can select to generate separate receipts for each transaction, or you can group transactions together by account to create multiple transaction receipts.

Tip: If your organization has a Canadian database, your donors will also receive a PDF attachment to the confirmation email with the same receipt details. For security purposes, these attachments are not editable.