Import Tutorials

When you need to import new accounts with gifts, we recommend you create and run two imports. First, create an Account Information import to add a new account for each constituent in your import file. After you run this, create an Account Information with Single Gift import to add the associated gifts to the accounts you created in the previous import.

We strongly recommend you complete these imports in this order to avoid creating duplicate accounts for constituents with more than one gift in your file. The steps for each one are explained in these tutorials. When you use the 30 day trial version of eTapestry or if you are a new eTapestry user who wants to learn import, make sure you review this information carefully. Each tutorial instructs you how to select the correct import type, use keys to make sure accounts and gifts add to the database without duplicates, and explains how to map fields from your import file to eTapestry fields. Take the time to learn these steps for the health of your database.


Account Information Import Tutorial

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Single Gift Import Tutorial

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