1099-MISC Information

You can create 1099-MISC forms to report income you paid to vendors during the calendar year. Amounts reported on 1099-MISC forms are taken from the check date for checks printed during that calendar year. 1099-MISC information appears on vendor and invoice records.

On the vendor record, you mark the vendor as a 1099 vendor and enter default 1099 distribution information. You can add default 1099-MISC information to a vendor from the 1099 information tile.

Note: Each vendor displays its 1099 vendor status in the top right corner of the record.

On the invoices and credit memos, you track 1099-MISC amounts and enter the 1099 box numbers and states where the amounts were earned.

Note: At tax reporting time, you can quickly determine which vendors require 1099-MISC forms by creating a vendor 1099 Activity Report.