Add a Report

You can add a new report from the Reports list page in Financial Edge NXT. When you add a new report in the web view, it is also available the database view.

  1. On the Reports list page, select Add a report from the action bar.

  2. On the Select report tab, select the type of report you want to create. If necessary, use the search field to locate the report type you want. Once you have selected the report, click Next.

    Tip: For a description of each report type, select the help icon next to the report for more information.

  3. On the Parameters tab, specify what information you want included in the report and how you want it displayed. Keep in mind, report parameters can vary depending on the report you select. For more information, see Report Parameters. Once you have entered the report parameters, click Next.

  4. On the Settings tab, enter the report name and description for the parameter file.

  5. Select whether or not other users can run and/or modify the report.

  6. Select Save, or Save and run if you want to view the new report.