Projects Analysis

You can use projects to record transactions and track activity for grants, endowments, scholarships, programs, special events, investments, or other similar entities. Projects offer an extra level of detail, helping you to compare accounts, track budgets, and ensure you meet donor restrictions. To quickly assess your organization's project efforts, select Projects (by month, quarter, or year) from Analysis, Dashboards for a dashboard of key metrics.

Note that the projects dashboards only include accounts that a user has rights to access.

Note: Keep in mind, you can rename a project to any custom term your organization uses to identify projects. For example, you can rename the project as grant, sub-fund, or endowment, depending on your business needs. The name you enter appears anywhere in the program that the term "Project" currently displays. To rename a project, you must access Project business rules in the Configuration module of Financial Edge 7.

Tip: When you add a dashboard in the web view, you can enter a nickname to help you easily identify and work with it. For more information, see Manage Dashboards.

Note: When you apply a filter, all metrics in the dashboard are updated. For more information, see Projects Analysis Filters.