Transaction Codes Analysis

Transaction codes are additional fields on each transaction to help you further categorize information for use in reports. For example, using codes helps mimimize the use of long account strings to identify transactions. To quickly assess your organization's transaction activity across all accounts, select Transaction Code (with or without starting and ending balances) from Analysis, Transaction Code for a dashboard of key metrics.

Note: Keep in mind, you can configure up to five custom transaction codes. For example, you can create transaction codes for "Grant" and "Spendable", depending on your business needs. The name you enter appears as an available dashboard in the web view. To define transaction codes, you must access Transaction Codes in the Configuration module of Financial Edge 7.

Tip: When you add a dashboard, you can enter a nickname to help you easily identify and work with it. For more information, see Manage Dashboards.

Note: When you apply a filter, all metrics in the dashboard are updated. For more information, see Transaction Codes Analysis Filters.