New Features in Payables

When you access Payables from the web view, you will notice changes and enhancements to fields and features like search, lists, and navigation. Here are a few of those enhancements:


In the web view, Payables is where you manage your invoices, vendors, and credit memos. In the database view, Payables is referred to as Accounts Payable.

Credit memos

In the web view, you create and view credit memos directly from a vendor. You can add credit memos from the More actions menu, or from the Activity tile on the vendor.

Note: In the database view, you create credit memos from the Accounts Payable records page, or from the Vendor Activity tab.

Remit to address

In the web view, the Remit to address on the invoice displays the vendor's full address and description.

Note: In the database view, you must open the address form on the vendor record to view and edit the full address.