To extend the functionality of Financial Edge NXT, your organization can use additional applications created by Blackbaud, providers in the Blackbaud Partner Marketplace, someone at your organization, or approved external developers. These applications securely access your Financial Edge NXT data via the SKY API, so you can do more with your constituent, fundraising, and accounting efforts. To use an application, admins can enable it using its unique ID, acquired from the developer or Blackbaud Partner Marketplace.

Admins only! To enable and manage the apps for your users, select Control Panel, Applications. For each application, you can view who developed it and when your organization enabled it.

Tip: Want to develop an application that works with the SKY API? Sign up for a free developer account, which provides access to industry-standard and open REST APIs that extend the functionality of Financial Edge NXT. Upon approval, you'll receive your own SKY API subscription key and can register your applications and enable those you develop for your organization. For more information, see the SKY API Getting Started page.