You can upload or link files as attachments. This includes files or links to images, PDFs, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets.

Note: In the database view, you can attach files to vendors, projects, and grants on the Media tab of their records. If a file saved on the Media tab doesn't open correctly under Attachments, verify it looks OK in the database view and then reattach it to the record in the web view.

After you save an attachment, you can open it by selecting the name, URL, or icon that appears. For attachments that are URLs, a new browser tab opens. For images, and any file type that your browser supports, a preview opens to display the file contents. From this preview, you can review the contents of the attachment and download it to your local environment. If your browser does not support previewing the content, click the link to download the file.

Tip: Currently, attachments have a 25 MB file size limit. If you need to attach a file over 25 MB, we recommend you save it in a cloud storage account such as Dropbox or Google Drive and then attach its link.

For each attachment, you can view details such as name, date, file type and size.