Bank Register

The bank account register displays transaction information specific to the bank account, such as current balance, last reconciled balance and date, ending balance, and detailed transaction information.

When bank feeds are enabled, and an online bank account is linked to a bank account in Financial Edge NXT, the online bank account balance and date of the last download appear. To initiate the download and clear process again, click Refresh.

Tip: With bank feeds, reminders display at the top of a register. For example, when downloaded transactions do not automatically match, a reminder appears at the top of the register displaying the number of transactions that were not automatically matched. A reminder also displays when the linked, online bank account needs to be updated. For more information, see Bank Feeds.

From the register, you can open and edit specific transactions, reconcile the bank account, view reconciliation history, and add adjustments.

You can reorder the columns in the bank account register list by dragging and dropping the column headers. To change the column headers, click Choose columns, select what to include, and click Apply changes.

To locate transactions within the bank register, use the register filters. For example, you can specify the transactions that display, or a particular date or date range. Once you select your filters, select Apply filters to filter the grid.