Control Panel

Control panel is where you manage security and some options for features throughout Financial Edge NXT.

  • If you manage security by group, from Security, you can invite your users to join the system. The tabs in Security help to manage this process, and you can easily view your active users as well as those who still need an invitation.

  • If you manage security by role, from Security, you select the feature areas users can access, and assign a role for each area. A role combines tasks and permissions to determine the user's level of access to the area. When you add a new user, the user receives an email invitation. After the invitation is accepted, the user has access to the feature areas based on their roles.

    Note: The ability to manage a user's security by their roles is only available to some through an EAP. After monitoring feedback and usage, expect more information in a future update.

  • From Settings, you can work with Fiscal years and General ledger setup information.

  • From Fields and tables, you can add new tables and fields, as well as edit your existing tables and fields.

To access the Control panel, select Control panel.