Credit Card Accounts

The Credit card accounts list in Treasury displays all the credit card accounts you have in the system. From this page, you can access all your existing accounts. Use the credit card account's menu to view and edit the credit card account, open the register, or refresh credit card transactions.

Note: When you download transactions, the date and time of the last refresh displays at the top of the Credit card accounts page. You can download transactions for a credit card account only if it’s linked to Financial Edge NXT.

You can reorder the columns in the Credit card accounts list by dragging and dropping the column headers. To change the column headers, click Choose columns, select what to include, and click Apply changes.

To quickly locate the credit card account you want, search or filter the list.

  • To open the record of a specific credit card account, enter the name in the search field and select it in the results.

  • To view only credit card accounts that share specific criteria such as type or status, filter the list. From the Filter list, select the criteria of the credit card accounts to work with, and select Apply filters.