Download and Clear Transactions

After you link online bank accounts to Financial Edge NXT bank accounts, you can begin to download and clear transactions. Transactions are downloaded to the bank feed list for bank accounts you have security rights to access.

Once bank accounts are linked, an initial download of transactions occurs automatically. Going forward, you can download transactions in several ways:

  • From the Bank accounts list in Treasury, click Download and clear all.

    This process gathers transactions for every linked, online bank account and downloads the transactions into Financial Edge NXT.

  • To download and clear transactions for a specific bank account, select Download and clear from a bank account's menu .

    This process gathers transactions for the chosen linked, online bank account and downloads the transactions into Financial Edge NXT.

  • After an initial transaction download, select Refresh on a bank account's feed or register to download the latest transactions from the linked, online bank account.

The download and clear process first establishes a connection to Yodlee, and then downloads transactions from each online bank account one at a time. It also attempts to match transactions from the online account to the appropriate transactions in Financial Edge NXT.

Note: Transactions are downloaded as of the last reconciliation date or up to 90 days prior to when an online account was added and linked. The date and time of the most recent download appear above the bank accounts list.

When a download completes, hover over to view the number of accounts and transactions in the download, along with brief, informational messages. For example, a message may read "7 bank feeds need your attention" or "13 transactions automatically matched." To view the bank feeds history list, select View details. This list provides a central location to view the accounts in each download from the last 90 days. To easily identify whether the download for an account was successful or not, view the Status column for each row. For more information, see Bank Feeds History List.

Transactions also download to a bank feed list on the bank record for you to determine whether the transactions are matched, unmatched, or invalid for an individual account. For more information, see Bank Feed List.

Note: When bank feeds are enabled, if you selected not to automatically match payments or deposits, the download and clear process downloads these transactions, but does not attempt to match them. You can view and manually match them as necessary. Note that you can change these settings at any time. For more information, see Bank Feeds.