Features and Navigation

With the web view user experience, you will notice enhancements to features such as navigation, searches, and data lists. The more familiar you are with these differences, the easier it will be as you move back and forth from the web view and database view.

Database view

Financial Edge NXT is the web view accessed from your web browser. Financial Edge is the database view accessed through Citrix. You can move seamlessly back and forth between these two interfaces to access the same underlying information. To access the database view from Financial Edge NXT, select Open database view on the action bar to manage your data through Citrix.

New navigation

The product navigation at the top of the page provides quick access to all areas of Financial Edge NXT. You can use the drop-down menus to access specific areas of the program.

Note: In the database view, you access different modules from a drop-down menu on the toolbar.

List pages

In the web view, list pages are the central hub for all your record tasks. Each record type in Financial Edge NXT has its own list page. For example, the Invoices list displays all the invoices you have in the system.

The number of records included in the list appears above the list.

List search, filters and columns

From lists, you can search and use filters to make locating records in a list easier and faster. The search field and filters appear above the list. When you search for a record, the search results provide direct links to the record. Filters are also useful in creating specific lists of records. For example, you can create a list of accounts based on an account segment, or a list of invoices based on invoice status.

You can also choose columns to appear in a list.

Note: In the database view, you define search criteria and search for records from the Open screen.

Page tiles

In the web view, record information is displayed on a series of tiles that appear on the record page. You can add and edit information directly from these page tiles.

Note: In the database view, this information appears on a series of tabs.

Record management

Records in Financial Edge NXT contains all kind of information. To help focus on only what matters to you, you can manage how the information on a record appears.

To rearrange the order of the tiles on a record, move it by its anchor .

To hide or show information, select its Collapse or Expand .

To quickly hide or show all information on a record, select Collapse all or Expand all .

Custom fields

In Financial Edge NXT we refer to attributes as custom fields. You use custom fields to add additional information to a record, and to further filter records when you search. While the program provides many fields to track information about the record, you may want to add additional fields to store other details.

In the web view, the Custom fields tile appears on each view page.

Note: In the database view, custom fields are called attributes, and you create them in Configuration.

Control panel

In the web view, Control panel is where you manage security and options for features throughout Financial Edge NXT.

  • If you manage security by group, from Security, you can invite your users to join the system. The tabs in Security help to manage this process, and you can easily view your active users as well as those who still need an invitation.

  • If you manage security by role, from Security, you select the feature areas users can access, and assign a role for each area. A role combines tasks and permissions to determine the user's level of access to the area. When you add a new user, the user receives an email invitation. After the invitation is accepted, the user has access to the feature areas based on their roles.

    Note: The ability to manage a user's security by their roles is only available to some through an EAP. After monitoring feedback and usage, expect more information in a future update.

  • From Settings, you can manage some options for features, such as Fiscal years and General ledger setup information.

  • From Fields and tables, you can add new tables and fields, as well as edit your existing tables and fields.

To access the Control panel, select Control panel at the top of the page.

Note: In the database view, you manage security from Administration.

Help file

When working in Financial Edge NXT, if a question should arise, simply click the ? in the upper right of the screen for content based on what you're working with at the time, in context of the application so you can continue to work and refer to the Help side-by-side. (You can also undock the Help to move it around, should it cover up where you're working.) As you read the Help, expand or collapse sections to help focus on only what content pertains to your question.

You can also access the Community, Knowledgebase, or Chat support from the Help file.

Note: In the database view, you access the help file using F1.