Analysis in Financial Edge NXT

From Analysis, Dashboards in Financial Edge NXT, you can access SKY Reporting ™ dashboards. To increase the impact on your mission and inform your next steps, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization's financial activity. With SKY Reporting ™, you can — at a glance — assess your organization's overall accounting performance and effectiveness.

In Analysis, Dashboards, you can quickly assess your organization's financial efforts across several areas using the following dashboards:

  • Payables — review invoice balances for a specific timeframe based on post or payment status, as well as credits with your organization's vendors. Use this dashboard to determine what efforts need to be paid and when.

  • Accounts — examine general ledger accounts based on filters such as post date, encumbrance, budget scenario, and account category. Use this dashboard to determine how your accounts are performing against various budgets.

  • Projects — compare budget information with the actual activity of projects and accounts. Use this dashboard to determine if your project's budget — across accounts — is on target.

  • Transaction Code — review your organization's transaction activity for a specific transaction code across all accounts.

  • Metrics — examine the health of your organization's data by tracking what is added in your system.

  • History of Changes — examine the health of your organization's data by reviewing changes made to your organization's system over time.

  • Project Income and Expenses — quickly assess your organization's income and expenses for one or more projects.

  • Net Assets — quickly assess your organization's current net assets as well as trends.

  • Development Overview — review your organization's overall fundraising efforts.

  • Receivables — review incoming payments (including expected and past due funds) based on due date, post status, and clients.

Note: SKY Reporting ™ is only available from the web view.

Note: The ability to design your own metrics and build a personalized dashboard is currently in our Early Adopters Program (EAP). Throughout the EAP, we will continue to enhance and improve this feature in preparation for general availability.