Treasury in Financial Edge NXT

Treasury in Financial Edge NXT leverages existing bank account and deposit information defined in the database view. For example, the banks and deposits you created in the database view, also appear in Financial Edge NXT. You can move seamlessly back and forth between these two interfaces to access the same underlying information.

Note: In the database view, Treasury is referred to as Banks.

Before you begin to work with Treasury, please review the following information about the tasks you perform in Financial Edge NXT and the tasks you perform in the database view.

You can perform the following Treasury tasks from the web view:

  • Add, edit and close bank accounts.

  • View bank register.

  • Add, edit and void deposits.

  • View miscellaneous cash receipts.

  • View reconciliation history.

  • Set default clear date.

  • Add, edit, delete bank account adjustments.

  • Add, edit, delete adjustment categories.

  • Bank feeds. Helps you maintain accurate, up-to-date cash balances, and review and clear transactions daily in preparation for reconciliation.

  • Bank reconciliation.

These Treasury (Banks) tasks must be performed in the database view:

  • All setup and configuration, including administration tasks and setting up business rules.