Bank Feed List

After you initially run the download and clear process, a bank feed list is created for each Financial Edge NXT bank account. To access the feed for a bank account,

  • Select Open bank feed from its menu on the Bank accounts list

  • Select Open bank feed from its register

Tip: After you run the download and clear process, a bank feed history list is also created for you to view the accounts in each download in a central location. see Bank Feeds History List.

This feed displays information specific to the bank account, such as current balance, last reconciled balance and date, and ending balance. The linked online bank account balance and date of the last download also appear. To initiate the download and clear process again, click Refresh. You can quickly reconcile and view reconciliation history for the bank account, and access the register.

The feed also displays a list of transactions (spent and received) from both the online bank account and Financial Edge NXT bank account. Transactions appear from newest to oldest and are cumulative. As your feed becomes larger, it is helpful to select which transactions to view based on your needs:

  • To view only transactions that share characteristics such as amount or transaction type, select Filters. For more information, see Bank Feed Filters.

  • To locate transactions based on their descriptions, use Search.

  • To download the latest online transactions, click Refresh.

The download and clear process attempts to automatically match online bank account transactions with your Financial Edge NXT transactions. The feed presents transactions as either matched, unmatched or invalid. From the feed, you can unmatch, manually match, or ignore transactions, and set a transaction's status to cleared as necessary. You can work with individual or multiple transactions at the same time. Various options are presented in the bank feed depending on the type of transaction you select.