Bank Feeds History List

After you run the download and clear process, a bank feeds history list is created for you to view all bank accounts in each download in a central location. To access the history, hover over . Under the messages that appear, select View details.

Note: To view the bank feed history list for an individual bank account, access the account record. Bank feed history displays recent bank feeds. To view the entire history for the account, select View all activity.

The feeds history displays bank account information such as the linked bank, the number of automatched transactions for an account, and status messages. You can quickly access the account record to reconcile, add an adjustment, and unlink or close the account.

Tip: The Automatched and Unmatched columns display the number of transactions that matched or unmatched for the account based on payment type, date, and amount. For more information about matching, see Bank Feed List.

The list displays the history from the last 90 days. As your list becomes larger, it is helpful to view the list based on your needs:

  • To view only accounts that share characteristics such as the bank or download date, select Filters. For more information, see Bank Feeds History Filters.

  • To locate accounts based on their bank, use Search.