Print Checks

From Bank accounts, you can generate checks — either one-off or multiple — to pay invoices. When you select Print checks from a bank account's Pay invoices tile, or from the bank account menu on the Bank accounts list page, a list of approved invoices displays based on your selected date range.

Note: From the Invoice business rules page in the database view, you can require that invoices be approved before being paid or posted.

To quickly locate the invoice you want, use Search to find invoices based on date, description, or vendor name. Use Filters to view only invoices that share characteristics, such as invoice balance, date, or vendor. You can also select column headers and sort based on column name.

Tip: If when you filter or sort a list, those options remain in place until you remove them. This is helpful when you need to leave the list, but want the filters and sorting options you defined to remain in place.

From the Approved invoices list, you can mark the checkbox next to the invoice you want to pay. To pay multiple invoices at once, mark the checkboxes next to the each invoice you want to include. You can also mark the checkbox at the top of the list to select all invoices in the list at one time.