Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are used to track and manage orders to outside organizations. You can use the menu next to each purchase order in the list to quickly view or edit the purchase order. To open a quick view of the purchase order without leaving the list, you can simply select the record name directly from the list, instead of using the context menu. This quick view of the record opens on the right side of the screen.

The Purchase orders list displays all the purchase orders you have in the system. You can reorder the columns in the purchase orders list by dragging and dropping the column headers. To change the column headers, click Choose columns, select what to include, and click Apply changes. To export the list to an Excel .XLSX file, select Export to Excel.

Tip: The total number of purchase order records appears above the list. If you have multiple pages of purchase orders, use the page navigation that appears at the bottom of the list. This way you can easily move from page to page.

To quickly locate the purchase order you want, use the search or filter the list.

  • To open the record of a specific purchase order, enter the purchase order number in the search field and select it in the results.

    Tip: If you don't know the exact number, you can enter a partial number.

  • To view only purchase orders that share specific criteria such as invoice status, balance, or date, filter the list. From the Filter list, select the criteria of the invoices to work with, and click Apply filters. For information about these filters, see Purchase Order Filters.