Review Register

When you select Review register, you can view unreconciled transactions, determine if they are accurate, and clear them as necessary. Matched and cleared transactions are also listed (and selected) when their cleared date falls within the reconciliation statement timeframe. Transactions marked as Cleared within the statement timeframe will be included in the reconciliation (and marked as Reconciled once the process completes).

Warning: If you deselect a transaction that was matched and cleared using Bank feeds, it will be unmatched and any associated, linked transactions will be set to outstanding.

To more easily work through the register, use Search, select Filters , and sort column headers. To add an adjustment to the register, such as when a payment was recorded incorrectly, select Add an adjustment . For more information, see Bank Account Adjustments.

As you work through the register, review the cleared and statement balance amounts as well as the difference.

Note: Keep in mind you can Save and close, and return to your reconciliation process at any time. When you save and close, all of your progress saves. Unless you save and close or reconcile, the only changes that save are adjustments you add and bank drafts you record.

Tip: For information about all options located on a bank account's register, see Bank Register.