Security Groups

Note: This content applies to users managed by security groups. If you instead manage a user's security by their roles, see Roles.

Security groups contain users who perform similar tasks and have similar security needs. All users must belong to a group before they are active users.

  • When you invite a user who already has an account in the database view, they automatically have the same security group as in the database view.

  • When you add a new user to Financial Edge NXT, you select their security group when you send the invitation.

To view these security groups in the web view, select the Security groups tab. For each group, you can view how many users are assigned the group and whether they can access the control panel.

Tip: We recommend you regularly review security groups to ensure they're appropriate for your organization. To add or manage security groups in the database view, click Admin on the Financial Edge 7 bar and then click Security.