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Security in Financial Edge NXT

Security in the web view leverages the existing security settings defined in the database view. For example, the security groups you created in the database view, appear in the web view.

To get your database view users started in Financial Edge NXT, you must send invitations and get them registered. To invite a user of the database view to use the web view, mark the checkbox next to their name on the Users or Need invitation tab, select Send invitation, and then enter their email address and click Send invitation. After the user receives the invitation, they appear on the Awaiting response tab.

For more information, see Users and Invitations.

You can perform the following tasks from web view:

  • Manage all users in the system, including those who need invitations, who have not responded yet, and those who are already registered.

  • View users who need invitations.

  • Invite database view users to Financial Edge NXT.

  • Disconnect accounts.

These Security tasks must be performed in the database view:

  • Create and manage security groups.

  • Add new users to the system.