Chart Organizer

With Chart organizer, you create chart templates to specify which accounts to include in your financial statements and how the financial statements look.

The Chart organizer list in General ledger displays all account templates you have in the system. From here, you can access existing templates and add new templates. Use the template menu to edit or delete the template.

Tip: To specify which columns appear in the list, select Choose columns to make your selections. To reorder columns in the list, drag and drop the headers.

To quickly locate the template you want, search or filter the list.

  • To open a template, you can select its Template ID in the list.

  • To locate a specific template, enter the name in the search field and select it in the results.

  • To view only templates that share specific criteria such as status or history, filter the list. Once you set your filters, select Apply filters. For information, see Chart Organizer Filters.

Tip: In the database view, you can open an existing template and select Save as to create an editable copy of the template.