Web Browser Considerations

The ability to access Financial Edge NXT through a web browser provides more flexibility in how and where you access the program. Web browser settings and options, such as toolbar views and shortcut keys, can vary from browser to browser. To maximize the web view user experience, we recommend you familiarize yourself with your web browser’s settings.

  • For optimal performance, access the program through a supported browser. We currently support the following browsers:


    Internet Explorer 11



    Mac Safari

    Mac Chrome

  • Consider the number of toolbars you actively display in your browser. Numerous toolbars can decrease the area on your screen, which can require the need to scroll more. You can easily remove or hide toolbars as necessary.

  • Review your browser’s shortcut keys. For example, you can use shortcut keys in your browser to navigate web pages or open Help. At this time, there are no shortcut keys for data entry within Financial Edge NXT.

  • Here is a list of Keyboard Shortcuts for the Chrome browser.

  • Adjust the magnification, or “zoom," level for your browser as necessary. For example, larger zoom levels decrease the area in which the program appears and can require you to scroll.