Microsoft Silverlight

All Blackbaud Grantmaking users must have Microsoft Silverlight installed, and all browsers should have the latest available updates installed. Furthermore, use of browsers other than Internet Explorer will make document management features such as check-in and checkout unavailable in Blackbaud Grantmaking.

The Blackbaud Grantmaking interface is based on Microsoft’s Silverlight technology and requires Blackbaud Grantmaking users to have the latest version of Silverlight installed to ensure compatibility.

Note: Online grantee/applicants are not required to have Silverlight installed.

If you are unsure if you have Silverlight installed or which version you have, see here. The webpage will display your installed version and the current version available for installation. Instructions are also available for uninstalling previous versions. If you are new to Blackbaud Grantmaking, you may also use the link above to download and install the latest version of Silverlight.

If the workstation does not have Silverlight installed, the first time you attempt to log in to Blackbaud Grantmaking, you will be prompted to install Silverlight.

Note: The following procedure assumes use of Internet Explorer 11. Use of another browser or version of Internet Explorer may result in slightly different prompts, and you must have sufficient administrative privileges to install Silverlight on the workstation.